Tuesday, December 29, 2009

catching up!

i got a cute new pink vaio for xmas! yeah!! my poor recently saved pc was sooooo old, ancient in pc years (almost 4!) Luv the new lil pink, just adjusting to windows 7!!! Hubby just got my printer installed and transferred favorites for me from the old to the new, and recipe files! all other goods are saved on my external now. i am so not a geek!! (but trying) knit a cute shawl from whimsical lil knits this weekend, blocked and drying. Starting a new one, a test knit for someone on ravelry, picked a fun bright sock yarn, 3 skeins!! (hope i have enough yarn) 30 per cent sale at the lys, alltogether under 30 bucks so happy! The enchanted stole KAL starts in just over a week, so waiting!! Don't know why i luv knitting lace shawls so much! Still luv socks too but been on a hat and cowl kick. Will have to get some pics for you all. Stay warm!! Weigh in tomorrow , will see how good i was truly, xmas and spiced rum/eggnog!!

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Chris said...

Congrats on the new pink baby! Hope you're still loving it. I *heart* Windows 7.