Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Thanks Darcy! I am always so happy with the blog friends i have made. A few i have had the opportunity to meet in person and can't wait to meet many others as the years turn. I have finally started meeting ladies in our area who share some of the same interests as i do. I of course got bummed thinking i was making local friends only to move again (as of last week that is no longer happening) but we were almost canada bound!

10 things that make me happy

1. my wonderful hubby, who also happens to be my best friend
2. my fantastic daughter, she is so happy, sweet, smart and not a trouble at all!
3. hobbies, how can they not make you happy
4. our stalker kitty, though finicky at times she makes me laugh
5. our neighborhood. Our neighbors on 3 sides feel like extended family of sorts. We share projects, garden goods, baked goods and many times a drink at the end of the summer day.
6. my extended family. We actually have a fairly small family, but i have family members that are psycho in all the good ways!
7. Hubby having me retire. At 39 ( i have been working since age 12) but hubby encouraged me to retire so when he travels i can just jump and go with him. When he left the military he mostly left to be home for a change. We spend all our time together that he is not at work, and we like it this way.
8. attached to number 7. This gives me time for my crafts, gardens, etc. I love to take care of my family by growing much of our food, canning it, preserving it, etc.
9. Living in the pacific northwest. We have had a nice opportunity to live in various areas many dream of vacationing in. But we both agree we love the change of seasons, the mountains, the waterways.
10. Just being healthy! and having my family healthy.

I am thinking on who to pass this onto, so will post again soon!

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kathy b said...

Turtle....so happy you are posting a bit now. Living in the area you do, must be breathtakingly beautiful much of the time. I only live in Chicago because of family. It is flat, it is often cloudy, it is a short short growing season. we use the humidifier one week and go to the dehumidifier the next!