Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chowder, Bugs and Yarn Porn....ahhh life!

Hey there! Been a little busy to hook the camera to the computer, lol, ok really i have been tired and too lazy to go hunt down the cable in my daughters room! It's that time of the month where I start feeling like a beached whale and all lovely and bloated which so helps with the mood! (I know you ladies know what i mean)

I was suprised at how many people do not like chowder! I did figure that new england would prevail over manhattan but wow! You would not have done well growing up where i grew up! Chowder is a staple of life in northern new england, i think we are weened off the formula with it!

Contest link: http://mspalmtree.blogspot.com/
tell her i sent you!! When reading a pattern chart i use a post it to mark my spot on the row as i knit, then after the return on the row is knit i highlight the knit row. Easy to walk away and find my spot again!

contest link: http://www.cassknits.com/2008/02/11/twinkle-twinkle-knit-a-star-another-book-giveaway/#comments tell her i sent you! Great book giveaway!

A little late but better than never! My xmas cactus bloomed! I think it is the first time it has bloomed since i got it. Purty aint it?

This is the organic cotton i picked up the other day, along with the buttons and pattern for the lacy cardigan. I hoped to have it for vegas next month but realistically....don't see that happening! I will enjoy it though, a great year round piece! Real purty!

This is a SCARY picture! My dear daughter and her new car. It found it's way here yesterday.She only just started drivers ed last night but will be 16 at the very beginning of June. We got a great deal on this and it was her dream car, so could not pass it up. Plus it is PAID FOR !! SMile, no financing on it which i so hoped to avoid. Of course this is why i am broke now. lol.

Had to share this one. I am sure it will make some "idiot" episode on tv some day. Apparently just down the road from the spa at a night deposit drop box at the bank yesterday an 18 year old girl was making the deposit after her work shift ended. Some how she accidently dropped her meth into the drop box. Now bad as that is she actually went into the bank to see if she could get it back. I have not heard all the details yet, the tv crews were outside of the bank today filming their stories for the evening news. This will just make our small town look even more "stupider" than it's reputation already was. Oh well, had to laugh though.


Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I did get my package. Thank You so much. The soap is lovely I love the wash cloth that it goes in.

Mt little diva wants it but for the time being I still have it.

The wool wonderful, I love wool!!!!!

Thank You so much :>

Sarah Godshall

Cass said...

SQUEAL!! OMG What a lucky lucky girl!!! Cute cute car.

And your Christmas cactus looks so happy!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Whata cute little car, looks like just the perfect one for a 16-year-old girl.

Jodi said...

That is one sweet ride! What a lucky girl -- her car's way cuter than mine. :-)

My Christmas cacti bloomed right before Christmas this year, but last year they picked St. Patrick's Day instead. Who knows?

Tami said...

What pretty yarn! Yummy:)

trash said...

You are such a kind and generous swapper! I love, love, lovetty love my parcel.

The marshmallows are all gone but Pinkus is rocking our little town.

I am going to be doing a proper post later, this is just to let you know my fabulous gift was received with lots of joy and gratitude. :-)

Christy said...

Thanks for the eye candy.

You need to nominate the stupid meth criminal for the Darwin Awards!!

Mary said...

Thanks for the comment. I also have been spending too, too, too much time reading blogs all week.

Meanwhile, I've added your blog to my bloglines. It's very entertaining!

Rachel said...

Stopping by to say thanks for commenting on the great Cocoa Swap package that Mary sent to me. Elkie is amazing! I loved seeing the reaction to 'my girls'...they are such a huge part of my life! And I wanted to do something picture-wise that I knew Mary would love to show my appreciation of her hard work!

g-girl said...

hi there! thanks for stoppin' by my competed projects blog. As per your question, the PO is actually
P0. I had to whip out my pattern just in case. So you wouldn't purl any stitch whereas for other sizes it might say P1 or P2. Hope that helps!