Thursday, March 6, 2008

Morning, just a little catching up and contest links!

Hurry this one ends today! Let her know i sent you, and try not to drool over your computer screen...seriously!

Ever dream of opening an LYS? These ladies are and need some input on your fav's so are hosting a contest, tell them turtle sent you:

This contest you can post about bloggers who have wonderful patterns they have created but may not have been posted. Let her know i sent you, thanks!:

This is my pattern blog post: I have not yet started but am planning to soon!


Cindy said...

Fine. Force me to go and enter a contest. I will and I will mention you, too. Thanks!

Nan said...

Oh Turtle, your comment didn't disappear, I have saved it to private to keep your search report and total of finds away from view of others who are going to be playing in the contest, so they have to start from scratch and look for the number of items all by themselves! [no advantages, a fair playing ground!] ;)
I switched my comments to needing to be approved by me, so I could keep the total private, hint, you might want to look again and resubmit your total! Look for birds [their heads mostly] and the total number of pictures with Disney characters in them, not the total number of characters, there are some that have more then one.