Friday, May 22, 2009


enjoying it! right on the beach. Found tons of sanddollars this morning, but not a speck of sea glass...interesting! I love that the roads, etc are so much cleaner up here...and hubby keeps picking on me as more folks seem to be conscious of their natural good foods and my kind of food is plentiful and tastes better....but expensive! Found a great little yarn store yesterday within walking distance of our hotel, will have to go back though, she didn't take plastic, and i did not have enough cash or my check book. A new brand of organic cotton i was not familiar with and a great pattern book as well. Starts with an S but cant remember it!
Hubby is at work right now but we have the next 3 days off to venture out and play tourist. Watching tons of kites flying as well as a flock of canadian geese that have just landed below our lanai. Knitting pedi socks but not crazy about the yarn i grabbed from my stash, weird pooling (and usually pooling does not really bother me much, this is!) Enjoy your holiday weekend!!!

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Timiae said...

Sounds fun! I love finding sanddollars! It's amazing how they go from ugly brown fuzzy things to pretty smooth white after bleaching (though I do feel a slight twinge of guilt when I drop them in the bleach bucket).