Monday, May 11, 2009

a short note....

hey everyone. Still here just been very busy! Of course work gets super busy as soon as i am down to the end of my time. I have 4 days left! (yeah!!) Not sure how i feel about the fact that they are actually trying to get me to "train" the two girls who will replace me. I was contracted not employed so...... i kind of feel they should figure out their own groove as things got changed and the set up is not really pedi-friendly for the person giving the services. (just ask my neck and back!) But these assumptions are a few reasons for making my decision to leave so easy.

When we are not working or cleaning or doing yardwork around the rain we have been traveling south a bit to help with family situations. Hubby's 87 year young grandmother fell the other day and broke both her hip and collarbone. Not doing well. They have decided to operate this afternoon, total hip replacement, but cannot do anything for the shoulder. Of course dad is beside himself and feels completely at fault (as if) being the son. Grandad is convinced she will not pull through and already seems so lonely. Sadly she will not be able to return to the assisted living home so after 75 years together they are going to be separated. This breaks all our hearts. The grandparents are fabulous folks, strong and full of life. They only stopped camping 3 years back, driving 3 years back (grandad is 93), they play music, compose, etc. I have always thought hubby and my relationship kind of resembles them, both relationship to eachother and our personalities. So keep Bessie in your thoughts today for skilled surgeons hands, low to no pain and healing! (and to grandad who's missing his better half)

Enjoy these summer like rains and weather!


rita said...

I am so sorry to hear that your grandma fell and injured herself. Poor thing; your grandpa too.

My grandmother fell and broke her hip when she was in her mid-eighties and recovered like it was nothing. A few years later, she broke her wrist when her daughter's dog pulled her over; same thing. Incredible woman; I hope I take after her! (I already have her droopy-from-too-much-sun face, arms, and legs, so I'm hoping I'll get something good from her!)

Our attendance officer here at school is in his mid-sixties and had hip replacement surgery two weeks ago. He's doing well; he says there's minimal physical therapy for those.

And my mom broke her shoulder a few years ago (went to sit in an outside chair and realized too late that it had blown over); she had to have been at least 72. She recovered just fine.

See, I tell you all this in the hopes that your dear grandma will do just as well as they all did. You are so very fortunate to still have your grandparents.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to your Grandmother and her poor hubby. What a shame, after being together all these many years, this has to happen now, when they need each other most of all. I hope her surgery goes well and that they can be together again soon. Such marriages are so rare anymore, that each one that has survived deserves all the help they can get to remain together. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well for Bessie. It's so sad that she won't be able to return to her husband. So sad.