Thursday, July 9, 2009

recapping a conversation between hubby and i

The other day hubby came home and asked if i had heard of twitter. Yes, i said i had. The group of them at work were discussing it and their consensus was "dumb, have people not got anything better to do with their time?". Now do i twit? No... i might be a twit but do not practice the art of twitting. I honestly have to admit i do not get it either. I enjoy facebook and ravelry, i only use my cell phone for schedules, calls, texts, and contact info's. Maybe i am behind the times but... lol, i have enought to do during the day without adding some new distraction! (smile) What are your views on Twitter? Do you twit? Am i missing something? Help a girl understand.

With that note i have been harvesting some huge zucchini and squash from the garden, time to make relish, marmalade, pickles and grate and freeze some. Already made baby carrot pickles, pickled beets, brambleberry jam (marionberry, strawberry and raspberry). The rest of the garden is catching up as well! Been freezing and dehydrating herbs, they smell so good when fresh-dryed vs buying them!

I finally have all i have completed so far posted on etsy! (yeah, 53 items!) as well as being good and listing my pilates machine on craigslist. I'm cleaning house! Will be good and try and get some new pics of projects posted tomorrow! Now i have to go chase one of the baby raccoons out of the blueberry patch!


Nikky said...

awe silly raccoons! but they are so cute! just not so cute when they are eating your blueberries!

I do tweet but not recently. I find that my life is no so exciting that I have to tell everyone on the freakin' planet what I am doing! That and with only 140 characters it gets difficult to express yourself!

take care and have fun!

Knit Witch said...

I'm with you on Twitter. It's all I can do to keep up with my email and Ravelry!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't see the fascination with Twitter either.. I have enough to do, without having to tweet all the time. Plus I don't think the world needs to know what I'm doing every minute of every day. Your preserves sound delicious. Every year I get my mom to make me a batch of strawberry jam.. can't be beat!

Timiae said...

Seriously, I don't understand the fascination with Twitter either. Just posting your current status and such? Facebook already does that, first of all. Second, what's the point? I just see it as yet another addiction that's completely senseless. Like those people who text 24/7.

rita said...

I don't get Twitter either. I don't even like Facebook, but I got addicted this summer when I could use the Crack at all hours of the night. At home there's no cell signal and I have to use the computer. Somehow it seems less daunting when I Crack something.

FB is a terrible timesuck, and I try to stay away from it. You can see how well I've done!