Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shuffling off to ... Idaho

Off in the morning for a few days to visit college campus' with dear daughter. She will be starting her sophomore year in a few weeks but next will will have to transfer from home to finish her degree. So this shall be interesting! Plus this will be the longest car trip we have made in , well ever as a family! (island life you can't drive too far, smile) so 8 - 9 hours each some knitting, lol! SO will check in from the hotel but may be kind of quiet! Hopefully the garden will survive the 90+ temps for a couple of days of neglect. The cat i know will eat well at the neighbors and i set up a sleeping spot for her in the small greenhouse, which she already loves.

On another note gram may not make it through the weekend. She has been slowly getting worse since her accident in may. Now she cannot swallow at all, even water. She is on hospice and she wants to move on. But gramps is not taking it well. To be expected after 75 years of being together. Keep him in your thoughts please, we hope nothing happens before we can get back.

Enjoy the burst of summer again!

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Nikky said...

i will keep them both in my thoughts...enjoy your trip!