Monday, February 22, 2010

A Bit of Farm Pimping

If you have not read the blog COLD ANTLER FARM yet you are so missing out! And no, this is not because i am a native Vermonter who had more farm animals growing up than friends,nor the sled dogs she has ( i sooo miss mine!) grin, it is a wonderful blog! If you are at all interested in nature, animals, self sufficiency, or maybe even dream of living on a farm someday you will enjoy it as well. If you enjoy her blog be sure to check out her book as well, which is how i found her blog a good year or more ago. (Let her know turtle sent you her way.)


Anonymous said...

I will definitely check it out, especially living in Massachusetts. Right now I am hoping you can tell me that it gets easier missing your Golden after time goes by. We lost out Jake about a month ago at 12 1/2. Every day is such a struggle to get through because he was such an integral part of our family and just like my 4th child. I know you had a Golden for quite a long time too so I thought perhaps you had some insight into this whole grieving thing for the family dog. I think some people think I am crazy because they don't have a dog or never had a Golden. Even my knitting has suffered!!

rita said...

Pretty! Our spring flowers are pushing their way through the snow, but no blooms yet. Usually they bloom by the 20th of this month. Snow.....ugh!

I'm going to retire in June and move to the Keys! Yay! I hope I never have to see snow again!

kathy b said...

I am going there now! Thanks for the tip!!!