Monday, January 21, 2008

monday holiday / cocoa Q. / winter doldrums Q 1

Well, it looks beautiful outside, even a blue sky...which, hello... it is january in the pacific northwest! But i tell ya, my car is iced up, the ground was so frozen when i took the garbage and recycling outside at 730 am. And things are still iced up even though it is 2pm. So needless to say i went back inside after the garbage run and crawled back in bed with a book. We continued to be bed bums till almost noon!
My poor daughter has been fighting some head cold all weekend. She slept over to her best friends on friday, they went and saw Juno at the theatre and she was going to spend another night but did not feel quite right. Good thing as she has been recooping since. I hope she is ok for school tomorrow.
Nice long weekend! Have not done much away from home, small projects around the home. Hiking got canked due to the cold! Watched football yesterday. About sums it up! Must be responsible and get tax paperwork together tomorrow and file my state business before my surgery wednesday.

Hot cocoa Q of the week:

What is the most 'random' memory you have from your childhood?

Hmmm. I would have to say it was crawling around the fields on our farm. I remember zapping my nose on the electric fence, pulling dead mice from my overall pockets (my lab would catch them and i would pick them up and bring them home. They were fuzzy and cute!), and having my dad get upset when the cows would break into the family garden and start eating the tomato plants. Apparently they were not ALL tomato plants.

Winter Doldrums Q topic #1 :

I do not care what people call a dishcloth, dishrag, face cloth etc. I have lived so many places and had so many daily items labeled other names...i just do not care, lol. As long as we each know what the other is talking about. I knit and love dishcloth's, but do i use them near dishes or even in the kitchen? Nope! They are our washcloths. So call it what you will, fine by me! *smile


Mari said...

Ooh, snow. Pretty.
I know, I just left the snow. Lots of it, but I still think it is pretty.

Yeah, I try not to get too stressed out about lost bags and late flights. I was a bit miffed at midnight in SLC with no bags, but I got over it. I may have taken it out on the men cleaning the women's bathroom when I really needed to go before our cab got there. :)

All worked out in then end, in fact my bag just showed up here. Yay!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

I agree...on a beautiful winter day you should only have to go outside once (to appreciate the beauty)and then back to bed for reading, knitting.... Stay warm!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Your comment got picked, check out my blog today.

Knit Witch said...


Thanks so much for entering the contest! Funny story!! :)

Dorothy said...

What a great picture!