Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WIP's Completed and other finished knit porn!

Here is my WIP for the jan challenge! It is the Back to school vest from Fitted Knits. Was a very easy knit and looks much better on than just lying there. I have not blocked it yet but did wear it the other day with jeans and a button down oxford underneath...fun with a good heeled bitch boot!
This is sock number 2, Zigzag is the pattern. I am enjoying the second sock more than the first. Hmmm, i think cause my brain was confusing and overthinking transferring the dpn pattern to 2 circ's. Almost finished. Like my hand dyed yarn? I call it Blue Pacific. Reminds me of when i was teaching scuba in hawaii. Sea turtles, waves, shells and spots of deep water!
These are Fetching, which i know everyone has already knit a pair of! I need to make hubby a pair of the maching Dashing for men. This pair is for a girl friend of mine, i am seeing her just after my surgery thursday (i'll be well doped up) Her optical shop is over near my dr so we will stop in and pick up my glasses, she was replacing a lense for me, she always gives me the family discount! Spoils me for sure as she and her hubby travel abroad each spring to shop for unique frames. The pair I am picking up she brought me back from Paris 2 years back. Is kind of funny, she was actually my hubby's best friend growing up. Ok, more than friends but never having dated? She is 3 days older than i am and she and i get along so great now! Well, off to peek online at the library site and put books on hold! Thanks for reading if you made it through my rambles!


IrishGirlieKnits said...

Congrats on finishing the vest! Looks great!

I love fetchings- very nice gift for your friend. Love the yarn you used too!

ANd the socks...great job!! I think the second sock goes faster for me sometimes because it means I'm almost done!!!

Cass said...

Um HELLO why do we not see a pic of YOU in the vest, preferably with the bitch heels!?!?

I love the color. Now go put it on and let's see it! :)

Aunt Kathy said...

I agree, I'd like to see you modeling the vest.

I am jealous about the socks, I really want to make some even more now.