Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, the tree is gone now. I got home from dropping off my resume and running errands and my neighbor already was at it with his chainsaw. So i quickly changed into grubby clothes and went out to get dirty. Their son came out as well and in a couple of hours time the tree was transformed into a large bonfire of branches and a good pile of small firewood cut to size to burn in the chiminea this coming summer. They were so cute and let me run to the store while they finished cleaning up the tree... of course i was buying them a case of beer which was my only item of purchase! But how wonderful, they are fantastic neighbors! When we move I will greatly miss them. (not that we are even close to moving yet)

When I moved inside the house, after being a fool and standing outside to chat with them after for an hour with no coat one ... my phone rang from where i dropped my resume off today. I have an interview on monday just to see if our personalities mesh. She let me know she already feels great over the phone and on paper, and i don't think we'll have any problems. We just have to go over the formalities, discuss commissions, etc. I am pretty flexable as long as she doesn't mind my surgery which is 1 week from our interview day, so i don't see it as an issue. The job is only part time.

Well, off to be more productive, got a bit of fabric, beads and yarn today! (yes, i feel guilty but they are all good things with specific projects in mind)

I am in a UFO challenge. Need some inspiration to finish a WIP? check here!

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