Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things always love to go wrong at the same time. Late last night we get a call from MIL, dad fell off a ladder while spraying bees in the house eaves. Broke his arm, no cast , too swollen and a surgeon must look monday and see about bolts and pins. Most people break the arm bone from shoulder to elbow straight across..not dad, he broke it right in half the long way. It must have been when he bounced *gotta smile cause otherwise it's time for another shot of liquor!* Hubby got upset as one reason we moved here was to help out, dad has inner ear issues so should never have been up on the ladder to begin with, and we are going over tomorrow anyway to change the outside light the bees could have waited a day, or we would have even gone over today for that. But dad has learned now the hard way about asking for help. I understand the man is just 59 and feels young but, k enough o that!

The sun is finally out. yeah! trying out a new drummer in a bit this evening. Been crazy busy at work the past few weeks so am happy for my friday to finally be here. Got the liquor cabinet reloaded and plan on making a few sedona airport margaritas. Aside from the bug bite i have on my cheek (which makes me look like hubby beat me up) all else is well.

My new sock yarn i dyed up is knitting along fairly cool, will try and post a pic soon! i hear loud bass music, must fix a drink and go be busy!



Montreal Mama said...

Hope your FIL feels better soon, that sounds painful!

Can you email me at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com so that I can respond to your comments? I can't seem to find your email address!

Sue said...

Hope your FIL's on the mend now - that sounds like a nasty break! And thanks for participating in my shop blog contest - good luck!