Friday, June 13, 2008

wild waves, stepmonsters, cupcakes and contest pimping

hi all, it has been a crazy CRAZY week! Busy busy, lots of bridal parties coming through, good for me business wise, bad on my wrist and chiropractor would have a fieldday with me!
Tomorrow hubby is dropping the group of kids off at the water park for the day. A belated birthday for daughter. It is supposed to be near 70ish..oooooh! I had told her it needed to be out of the 50's to go.Sadly one of the kids has a stepmother, or more appropriately stepmonster who is a beast. Hubby got handed the phone and she hmmed and hawed for the longest time basiclly just asking if he was staying there all day. now these kids are all 16 and in a week start college courses towards their AA. (Hellooooo!)Anyway hubby lost patience with her as we had just walked in the door and he had just started eating his dinner. Sadly the boy is not going, he is daughters boyfriends best friend. He has been placed in the middle of a complicated three way parental divorce twist where the stepmonster wears the pants and all fear the reap of her bitching so just give in. (ok, sorry rant is done now!)
Must go bake cupcakes in a moment, waiting for my second child to show up for the slumber party.


check it out!!

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Aunt Kathy said...

StepMonsters... yeah I've dealt with those too. Bummer for the boy.

I am heading off to check out the contests now.

trash said...

Hey you! Did you think I had slipped off the face of the Earth? Poor kid, I hate stepmonsters too.

With the divine yarn you sent me I have finally made (with DPNs I might add! Yay me!) a shopping bag. Haven't quite finished yet, it's off the needles but no handles yet! It's all ready to go I just have to figure out the attaching. Will send a link when I post it on my blog. It looks terrific - thanks :-)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Crazy stepwoman.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Thankyou for blogging about the drawing you rock:)Hugs Darcy